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We are a pioneering company specialized in Human resources services. We provide companies with full recruitment services in addition to supporting them with a wide range of HR solutions. As a recruitment service provider; we follow a process that enables us to match motivated candidates who have the right career fit; to align with your company’s culture and goals - while reaching their ultimate career objectives. Our recruiters in Jobtology are experts from different fields, they not only assess candidates on their academic background but also analyze them on their personality traits. They know how to find the best candidate for hard-to-fill roles Being experts in Human Resources, we know that Managing HR is time-consuming and expensive. We assist our partners in saving costs and time to focus on their company objectives. We address day-to-day and complex HR needs, so our partner can focus on what really matters peopleOur industry-specific HR professionals will cater to your needs through our provided HR solutions.


  • To be the Business Solutions Partner of Choice that ensures achievement of mutual significant profitability and growth.


  • To be a customer-centric company that providing a platform of customized services and solutions at the most competitive pricing.


Customer Centricity



We provide you with a high level of expertise to fulfill your hiring needs with the potential candidates, while saving your time and money to focus on achieving further organization goals.

We provide you with an enthusiastic candidate that is fully prepared to enroll to their job and awareness of all aspects from the company culture to the role challenges.

Jobtology assessment team is fully trained and certified to conduct various assessment techniques through selection of tools and tests including:

- Competency Based Interviews.
- Psychometric Assessment.
- Personality Profiling.
- Numerical and Verbal Tests.
- Managerial Scenario Tests.

HR Solutions

Human Resources Management is a central pillar of many organizations due to the importance of the core functions and activities that they conduct.

Jobtology will offer you all HRM solutions to ensure a healthy, professional, positive environment throughout your workplace to keep you as an “Employer of Choice” for all job seekers and existing employees.

- Organizational Design.
- HR Administration.
- Compensation and Benefits.
- Performance Management.
- Competence Management.
- Learning & Development.